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Sun Exposure Myths Debunked

While the rest of the country retreats into the grey of autumn, those of us in Arizona are still basking in the sun. Even in autumn and winter, when the sun is not as harsh as it is during the warmer months, we are still being exposed to potentially dangerous UV rays. There are two kinds of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB.

UVB rays are the ones that provide us with much needed Vitamin D, and also cause us to burn. UVA rays, on the other hand, may not cause immediate damage but penetrate deeper in your skin, which could also lead to skin damage.

At CC Sunscreens, we are committed to protecting our clients against the damaging rays of the sun. Here, we debunk five myths about sun exposure!

Myth #1: A Tan is Healthy

While a tan makes people look more radiant and healthy, the reality is, tan skin is in itself a sign of sun damage! To save you the boring scientific technical jargon, the general idea is that when your skin is exposed to sun for long – or even short – periods of time, a reaction occurs in your skin. This reaction creates more melanin production, creating that coveted tan, but it is also a sign of damaged skin.

Myth #2: My Skin is Darker, So I Don’t Need Sun Protection!

Darker skin has a higher amount of melanin, which does provide more protection from the sun than people with lighter skin. Even so, a high amount of melanin doesn’t mean that people are entirely safe from the effects of sun exposure. While people may not burn as easily, the rays could still cause damage Because this idea is so prevalent – that those with darker skin need not worry about sun protection – people with darker skin tend not to take as many measures to protect themselves from the sun. No matter your skin color, it’s important to use proper UV protection when exposed to the sun!

Myth #3: Sun Exposure Early or Late in the Day is Okay

Remember when you were a kid and your parents tried to get you inside in the midday because the sun was more damaging? Well, they weren’t wrong – UVB rays are strongest during this time. However, UVA rays continue throughout the day. While your skin may not necessarily react as quickly as it would to early or late sunlight, you are still being exposed to UV rays at all times of day.

Myth #4: Winter Sun is Not Dangerous

In the same way people believe that early or late sunlight is not as dangerous as midday, people believe that in winter, the sun is not as strong. Again, while it is not as strong in UVB rays, UVA rays are prevalent and present. This means UV protection is just as important in winter sunlight as it is any other time of year! For those who live in cooler climates and participate in outdoor winter activities, it is crucial to use UV protection. And for those of us in Arizona, we’ve got to remember to protect ourselves in winter, even though the light isn’t the same.

Myth #5: Glass Protects You from the Sun’s UV Rays

What’s more pleasant than sitting in a bright, sun-filled room with a good book or a cup of coffee? Glass does protect you from the worst of UVB rays, but UVA rays, which have a longer wavelength, may still penetrate the glass. You won’t get tan from sitting by a window, but you may still unknowingly sustain sun damage!

This is where CC Sunscreens comes in! We provide sunscreens for your windows that simultaneously allow in the radiance of sunlight, while protecting you from the harmful rays. For a consultation, contact us at CC Sunscreens today.

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