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When we think about home improvement projects, it’s easy to put our rental properties on the bottom of the list of “to dos”. However, did you know that small home improvement projects such as solar screens can increase the fair market rental value of your properties? (

Also, for most of us, rental properties are an investment that we’ll eventually want to cash out on. These types of relatively inexpensive home improvements can increase return on investments upon closing – even on our homes that are not our primary residences. Here are some questions you may want to consider when deciding whether solar screens or patio shades are right for your rental properties.

Have I furnished the property or invested in carpets, flooring or curtains?

Although summer has begun to wind down, harmful UVA rays continue to shine in through our windows all year long. It is important to consider the money you may have invested inside your home to attract quality tenants. Did you install laminate wood floors? Are your rental properties furnished with pieces that you would like to last through multiple tenants? If so, it is important to protect these assets with solar screens. If you don’t realize how damaging UV rays can be on furniture, think about your outdoor patio furniture, and how quickly it becomes faded, crunchy, and unsightly. The same can go for your indoor furniture as well, if these UV rays are not blocked.

At CC Sunscreens, we use the highest quality, fade resistant material that blocks 80 or 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from even touching your windows – protecting your furnishings from fading or cracking due to sun damage.

How does the curb appeal of my property compare to similar rentals in the neighborhood?

Home sales in Arizona are on the up, especially since millennials are now financially secure enough to begin purchasing their first homes and boomerang homebuyers are returning to the market after the crash (azezrentals.bolgspot) Because of this spike, it has become even more important for property owners to make their rentals attractive to quality and reliable tenants.

Take a look at rental properties in the same or similar neighborhood as yours. How do they look from the outside, and how does your home compare? Renters usually make decisions very quickly after viewing, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Don’t let faded, torn and unattractive insect screens keep you from qualified renters.

You may even cash out when you go to sell, as it is estimated that, on average, window and door projects accrue an 81-88% return on investment upon closing.

Are utilities owner-paid?

Another way to attract renters in a busy market is to offer owner-paid utilities. Did you know that simply installing solar screens on your home’s windows is estimated to reduce your energy costs by about 25% each and every month? On top of these massive savings, SRP is currently offering an exciting rebate program.

For homeowners who hire qualified professionals to install sun screens on their home from now until April 2017 can expect a rebate of $0.80 per square foot – which can equate to thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

Do you have tenants currently?

If you have current tenants, you may not want to bother them with intrusive home improvement projects such as upgrading bathrooms or kitchens. Installing solar screens is a quick and easy process that will not disturb your tenants in the least.

Whether you’re just curious and gathering information or are ready to choose a company to install your sun screens, CC Sunscreens looks forward to hearing from you. We are proud to offer our customers a free, no-obligation, consultation and quote from the comfort of your own home. See for yourself why we’ve been able to earn such a positive reputation in the valley.

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