How to Create Good Lighting for Your Video Call

How to Create Good Lighting for Your Video Call

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Making a good first impression these days often happens virtually. Whether on the job or meeting a new friend, having a good setup for your video conferencing is important. While video meetings can happen virtually anywhere thanks to portable technology, it makes a difference when you consider the lighting, sound and setting of your call. 

The Basics

Many of our digital devices have the capacity to handle video conferencing, making the options seem endless. However, if you don’t understand the fundamentals of how to handle lighting, you can easily end up creating a video of yourself that is hard to see or distracting. 

The first step to better video calls is to avoid being back lit. Don’t sit between the camera and a window. If you have a quiet outdoor space you are calling in from, make sure the sun is not at your back. Indoors, having a lot of lighting behind you and none in front of you will also backlight your image. Backlighting transforms you into nearly a silhouette and makes it hard to see you expressions and reactions as well as catch when you are talking.

The simplest way to improve your video chatting lighting is to put a lamp or other lightsource behind your camera where light can shine directly on your face. This close, direct lighting makes it easy to see your facial features and pushes your background into the, well, background.

Set the Stage

Don’t ignore the importance of your backdrop! For a professional setting, an uncluttered wall or shelf works well for your video background. While a tidy room or outdoor setting can also work, the larger the space in frame, the more susceptible it is to distracting activities. Try not to have a background that is overwhelmingly busy, cluttered or chaotic – it can be very distracting!

Room lighting is also an important part of your video call. Diffuse sunlight does an ideal job of bringing bright and even light to a space. Full sunlight has the potential to create distracting glare in the room and makes it much harder to see screens. 

What should you do in a room that doesn’t get much sun or a n hour where the sun isn’t shining? Another strategy is to use colored LED lighting in the background. This effect can create a subdued monotone color field in back of your well-lit facial image. Cool blues and purples create a subdued, professional effect, while other colors can be more playful or dramatic.

The Next Level

A basic setup will work for most people, but if you use video conferencing on a daily basis or for work or school, you’ll probably want to take your video lighting one step further. Professional-looking video from home begins with key lights. You can find a variety of key light options online – look for diffuse LED panel lights or ring lights. This diffuse lighting will deliver even complimentary light to your face for clarity and definition. 

Set up two key lights so each illuminates your face at roughly a 45° angle from the center of your nose. Work with a video preview of your image to optimize the lighting for your face and setting. With controlled lighting, your video conferencing setup has a consistent quality and professional consideration to it – perfect for delivering presentations, lessons, engaging in meetings or even just hanging out with friends.

Up Your Lighting Game

If you are looking for ways to get better lighting in your home – you’ll want to consider installing sunscreens from CC Sunscreens. Eliminating glare is just one of the many benefits sunscreens can bring to your home. Sunscreens are designed to block heat and harmful UV rays from entering your home’s interior, without blocking the view from your windows or your home’s natural light. With sunscreens installed, excess sunlight is filtered making it easier to read screens and digital devices and to see clearly outside.

Other advantages sunscreens bring include efficient passive climate control, blocking excess heat and lowering your energy bills. Sunscreens also add privacy to your home’s windows – while your view outside is not compromised, sunscreens block the view from outside in. Finally, our sunscreens are custom built to last, in the style and color best suited to your home’s design. Ready to find out more? Contact us today!