CC Sunscreens - HGTV Builds its 2017 Smart Home in Scottsdale

HGTV Builds its 2017 Smart Home in Scottsdale

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The popular television network, Home and Garden TV (HGTV), has chosen our very own Scottsdale to build their 2017 Smart Home. The beautiful 3,300 square foot home is located near beautiful Whisper Rock Golf Club and was completed on March 15th. The home comes equipped with the latest in “smart” technology, a fully-equipped Mercedes, and a whopping $100,000 cash prize. That’s right! One lucky HGTV fan will be the winner of all these great prizes, and will be able to call this house, “home”.

What Makes the House So Smart?

Throughout the House

Remote Controlled Skylights – There are gorgeous skylights located all over this smart home and they can all be controlled with the simple touch of a screen. You can quickly dim or close the skylights instantly. When we say these skylights are everywhere, we mean it – there’s even one in the kitchen’s pantry!

Smart Security – Motion activated security sensors are located throughout the interior and exterior of the house. The pet-friendly systems allow our furry friends to run free. Cats and dogs under 50 pounds will not trigger the sensors.

Pop-Out Outlets – How annoying is it when you run out of plugs for all your devices? This home is equipped with stylish pop-out outlets to allow multiple devices to be plugged in at once.

Modern and Chic Design – No matter where you go in this home – from the dramatic two story great room and entry, all the way to the garage, it is completely furnished with tasteful and modern decor, including most high-end features available.


Touchless Faucets – Forget constantly cleaning the handles on your kitchen sink. In this smart home, faucets are touchless, meaning a simple wave of your hand (or spatula, or pan) will instantly cause the water to flow. Remove your hands, and the water stops.

Smart Coffee – Mornings just got a whole lot easier for whoever is the lucky winner of this home. All you must do is initiate the system – and the machine automatically does the rest. Sit back and relax while your machine grinds the beans, expertly times the brew, uses prime water to grinds ratio based on the bloom of the beans, and politely informs you when it’s ready.

Black Stainless Dishwasher
– No more pulling dirty dishes from the washer! This state of the art dishwasher not only determines the ideal cycle for each wash, but also makes real-time changes based on the soil level of the dishes. Yes, please!

State-of-the-Art Bar Area – Complete with a “smart” wine fridge, automatically keeping your vino at the perfect temperature.


Spa-Like Tub – The modern free standing tub has many surprisingly smart features, including digital water temperature setting, heated surfaces with three heat settings, and even hidden speakers for the ultimate oasis.

Completely Digital Shower – Long gone are the days of fumbling with knobs to set up the shower and getting wet before the water is hot. Homeowners can digitally set their shower to the perfect temperature and water pressure before even opening the shower door.

Toilet Seat for a King – This toilet is self-cleaning and completely touchless – from opening the seat to flushing, the winner of this home won’t have to touch another germy toilet again.

To get a glimpse of these features and so many more, visit the HGTV Smart Home Sweepstakes website: HGTV 2017 Smart Home.

How Do I Win?

The sweepstakes begins on April 12th and continues through to June 2nd. Potential winners can enter through the HGTV website. Entrants are only allowed one entry per eligible person, per eligible email address, per day. To receive a reminder email from HGTV when the sweepstakes begins, visit this link.

Does it Come with Anti-Golf Ball or Sun Screens?

No word yet on if this smart home comes with anti-golf ball or sun screens. Because it’s location on a lush golf green, the lucky new homeowners may consider looking into anti-golf ball screens made specifically to withstand the impact of a golf ball and protect the home’s windows. Also, with all this smart technology, chances are there will be a hefty electricity bill at this home!

Save some money, and protect your beautiful new home and flooring by investing in solar screens. Sun screens block about 48% of heat from entering your home and also keep 80-90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from even touching your windows. For more information, contact us today at CC Sunscreens!

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