Glendale: A Top Affordable City in Arizona

Glendale: A Top Affordable City in Arizona

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The Phoenix Metropolitan Area is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan centers in the United States, and part of what adds to that energy is the attractive housing market and affordability of the area. Often cited as the most affordable city in the West, Phoenix and its surrounding burgs, like Glendale keep cost of living low while having a lot of amenities to offer. Phoenix pulls in below the national average for affordability, getting a ranking of 93. For comparison, 100 is the overall national average and expensive cities like New York, Honolulu and San Francisco come in above or around 200.

In fact, Glendale is one of the liveliest parts of the Valley. With an affordability rating well below most other major cities, Glendale is close to the heart of Phoenix while being equally near to the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. With beautiful housing available and lots of options for culture and entertainment, Glendale delivers where it counts. 

Did Someone Say Affordable?

Glendale has a lot to offer those in search of affordability. Cost of living in the City of Glendale ranks 11% below the national average while the median housing cost is just $110,000. Employment rates are high in Glendale and its economic steadiness is tied to the growth of the region, and Phoenix continues to expand its population as the largest urban center in the Southwest.

On the Sports Map

While Glendale doesn’t own any national league sports teams, it is on the radar for sports enthusiasts- especially football fans. The University of Phoenix Stadium, located in Glendale has been the host to two Superbowl games and the home games for the Cardinals.

Baseball fans also may recognize Glendale’s sports scene. As part of an annual Phoenix-area spring training, major league baseball teams descend upon the city for a frenzy of pre-season activity that draws in fans from across the nation. Amidst the flurry, Glendale’s Camelback Ranch has long been a favorite annual training locale.

Glendale also is a favorite for fans (and participants) of extreme sports. Two top-tier skate parks fall within city limits and draw in skateboarders, BMX bikers and inline skaters from around the area.

Natural Beauty

Living in Glendale puts you just a stone’s throw away from the beauty and history of the Sonoran Desert that surrounds Phoenix. Be sure to visit the Deer Valley Rock Art Center, the gateway to the area’s biggest concentration of petroglyphs. The Rock Art Center connects you with history and trails that include over 600 boulders featuring pictographs and carvings. Thunderbird Conservation Park is a hub for joggers, hikers and bikers with over 20 miles of trails that wind through over 1,000 acres of scenic desert surroundings.

Try Something Quirky

Glendale is full of cool spots to explore and activities to check out, many of which take advantage of the city’s fabulous weather. Want to check out the latest summer blockbuster? Why not roll into the Glendale 9-Screen Drive-In Theater offering fun for the whole family under Arizona’s starry sky.

Looking to make Glendale even more affordable? Scoop up great deals at the year-round West Wind Flea Market. If you need it, this weekend discount market has got it, including great deals on tools, produce, stereo equipment and clothing. It is worth making a day out of a trip to West Wind – market weekends boast an impressive array of food vendors and even live music and entertainment.

For those looking for unique finds, a trip to Old Towne will put you right in the center of Glendale’s fantastic antiques district. Recognized nationally as a top locale to find amazing vintage, retro and antique pieces, Glendale calls itself Arizona’s Antique Capital for a reason!

CC Sunscreens

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