Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Energy Saving Tips for Winter

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Frosty weather can leave us running to turn on the heater full blast. Then we get in the electricity bill reflecting that full blast price. We’ve got some tips and tricks that’ll help you lower your energy bills this Winter.

Use The Sunshine

Even though it’s not hot outside, the sun is still shining. Take advantage of the sun’s natural heat. Draw the curtains during the day to let in the heat. Close them at night so you don’t let in more of a draft.

Adjust the Thermostat

You don’t need the heater blasting hot air out all day. When you’re home and hanging out, set the thermostat at a temperature that is low and comfortable at the same time. When you’re away from home or in bed, turn it back about ten degrees. If you do this for eight hours, you should save about ten percent a year. It’s even easier to get a programmable thermostat so you don’t even have to think twice about changing it.

Weatherproof Your Windows

It’s also best to weatherproof your windows. If you upgrade to storm windows, you can reduce heat loss. Make sure the seals are tight on all of the windows. If you have any drafts, you’ll be letting out much needed heat.

Seal Leaks

Just like windows, air leaks through any opening in your home. Pipes are also a culprit. Find and seal these leaks as well as gaps around recessed lights and chimneys. If you have unfinished areas in your closets or in any room, seal these as well. You can caulk air leaks around windows or doors. You can also easily add weather stripping to these to prevent air from escaping the holes. Another benefit from this is you won’t get random little bugs crawling through holes.

Call In The Space Heater

Space heaters can save on money, but can also eat energy if you aren’t careful. Invest in a few energy efficient space heaters for your home. Don’t place them in every room. Use a portable one if possible in places of high traffic. It isn’t safe to sleep with space heaters on so always be careful to turn it off before you go to sleep or leave the home.

Change Your Ceiling Fan’s Blade Rotation

You might not be thinking of your fan in the Winter, but it’s still there. If you switch the blade’s rotation, you can actually save on costs. Hot air rises to the ceiling so when you rotate the blades the other day, that warm air gets sent right back down to you.

Holiday Lighting Costs

You may not realize it, but your holiday bill is usually one of the highest of the season. All of the electricity stemming from your lights and decorations runs up that bill quickly. You don’t have to skimp on the decorations to lower your bill. You can reduce the cost by using LED light strings. LED holiday light strings still emit lots of light, but don’t use as much electricity. Try to buy energy efficient decorations so you aren’t surprised by the bill.

LED Lights

LED lights aren’t just for the holidays. Install them throughout your home. LED lightbulbs cut down drastically on your energy costs. They emit the same amount of light as well. You probably won’t even notice the difference, except in your electricity bill.

Fireplace Heat Loss

The fireplace can be your best friend and worst enemy in the Winter. Keep the damper closed unless there is a fire burning. If you keep it open, the warm air escapes through the chimney. Make sure the fireplace flue damper seal is still intact. If you have a wood burning fireplace, use it as much as possible during the Winter months to save money on electricity. If you have a gas powered fireplace, it will still emit heat, but will run up your bill.

Water Heater Temperature

Everyone loves a hot shower after a chilly day. You don’t need to scald your entire body to enjoy this shower though. Turn down the temperature of your hot water heater. Set it to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to still enjoy the warmth, but not fry in the shower.

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