Cool Things to do in AZ's Hot Summer

Cool Things to do in AZ’s Hot Summer

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Summer heat has descended upon Phoenix, but like the mythical bird we’re named for, it’s time to rise from the fire…and take advantage of some of the summer activities in town that help you beat the heat! Although the snowbirds have left for the season and local tourism drops off, there’s plenty of cool things to see and explore that get you out of the sun.

Deals Deals Deals

First off, summer is a great time to save big on accommodations and experiences marked down for the off-season. Check out summer pricing on resorts, hotels, spas and restaurants and you’ll usually find big savings.

Saving big on experiences makes it fun and easy to take weekend trips or plan in-town adventures. If there’s a place you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had room in your budget, keep an eye on their summer prices. Hotels and resorts especially offer deep discounts – often more than 60% off peak season costs.

Catch Up with Culture

Outside of the summer months, Phoenix bursts with outdoor activities from beautiful hiking and trails to outdoor dining, concerts and events. When the heat is on, however, outdoor life in Phoenix goes into aestivation (that’s the summer equivalent of winter hibernation, and a survival trick used by much of our desert wildlife).

While summer’s not a great time for a long hike (in fact, summer hiking can be dangerous) it is a great time to appreciate Phoenix’s museums and cultural centers which boast phenomenal exhibits year-round. Why not start your summer downtown with trips to the Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Museum?

Phoenix has something for everyone – and museums aren’t just for art. Check out the Musical Instruments Museum, The Cave Creek Museum or the Arizona Science Center for fun, educational experiences.

Bring A Book

Got a reading list a mile high? The Phoenix Public Library system is a great place to visit during the summer. From e-media and the latest book releases to summer reading programs and literary events, the library is a great escape from summer heat. This summer kids at the library have the chance to earn a state park pass when they log twelve and a half hours of reading time.

Phoenix also boasts some excellent bookstores like Changing Hands, which has an in-store bar and a full calendar of events in addition to an excellent selection of new and used titles. Relax this summer with a great read, and take advantage of the active local literary scene.

Raise the Bar 

The days may be hot, but Phoenix’s nightlife keeps things cool with a great variety of bars and clubs. As the temperature drops after sunset, a lively entertainment scene springs to life. One of the hottest trends in bars is the resurgence of arcades where patrons can play pinball, classic arcade games and new gaming favorites in a casual bar setting. Try Bonus Round or Cobra Arcade Bar for excellent drink and game menus.

Phoenix is also a great place to try something new with delicious options for craft cocktails. Hatter and Hare, a new addition to Phoenix’s bar scene infuses their cocktail menu with the whimsy of Alice In Wonderland-inspired concoctions. The Bitter & Twisted bar has also made a name for itself with signature drinks served out of what was formerly Phoenix’s prohibition office. 

In for a Wild Night?

It may seem like the city only comes to life after the sun goes down in the summer, and the same is true for desert wildlife. If you want to catch desert-dwelling animals, a night hike is the best way to seek out the wild. Put the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum on your evening schedule. In the summer this museum stays open late to give guests a chance to catch their nocturnal exhibits.

Summer nights are also a good time to do some star gazing. Head to the parklands surrounding Phoenix this season for a glimpse at the summer sky. The annual Perseids Meteor Shower comes into view in early to mid-August with eye-popping shooting stars – enough to handle everyone’s wishes.

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