Sun Screens on Rental Properties?

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When we think about home improvement projects, it’s easy to put our rental properties on the bottom of the list of “to dos”. However, did you know that small home improvement projects such as solar screens can increase the fair market rental value of your properties? ( Also, for most of us, rental properties are an investment that we’ll eventually …

Happy Thanksgiving from CC Sunscreens

Happy Thanksgiving from CC Sunscreens

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At CC Sunscreens, we wanted to take a minute this Thanksgiving to give thanks for all the wonderful opportunities, connections and hard working people that help make our business a success. We are so honored to have had the opportunity to serve the Phoenix valley for over 20 years, earning a positive reputation along the way. We certainly have a …


Do UV Rays Matter in Winter?

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Score! Summer’s almost over, so we don’t have to think about UV rays anymore, right? Well, actually no. Although common, this type of thinking is vastly incorrect. As it cools down, it’s easy to forget how important it is to keep our families and homes safe from these harmful rays. While not universally known, UV rays are still active, dangerous, …


Recipes: Thanksgiving Backyard BBQ

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Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? It’s such a beautiful time of gathering around the table, giving thanks and appreciation for the wonderful people and opportunities in our lives. This year, why not try something different than expected? Instead of gathering around the dining room table, try gathering around the patio furniture for a laid-back, Thanksgiving Day barbecue instead! With the Thanksgiving …


Golf Season is Upon Us: Are You Protected?

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Living on the outskirts of a picturesque golf course is a dream come true for many Arizonians. We are so blessed to live amongst famous courses that professional athletes and celebrities alike flock to during golf season. While beautiful, golf courses can also bring about a certain degree of danger to those who live near them. Runaway golf balls can …


All About the Sun

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Here at CC Sunscreens, we provide our clients protection from the sun. We are grateful for the sun for what it brings, while at the same time we are wary of the dangers of too much exposure. But how much do we know about the sun? Today, in a fun turn of pop science, we consider the center of our …


Myths about Sun Exposure

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While the rest of the country retreats into the grey of autumn, those of us in Arizona are still basking in the sun. Even in autumn and winter, when the sun is not as harsh as it is during the warmer months, we are still being exposed to potentially dangerous UV rays. There are two kinds of ultraviolet rays: UVA …


Do Sun Screens Really Work?

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Yes! This blog really could consist of that one, simple, solitary word. Although the answer to this question is a resounding “absolutely”, we’ve decided to expand on it, as it is a query we have heard multiple times from customers throughout the years. To help in answering the question, we will first discuss what sun screens are, and how sun …


Staying Cool and Sun Safe in School

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It’s almost October and children in Arizona have been in school for two months or so. By now, some of the morning routines are situated and kids no longer reminisce about summer but instead look forward to breaks to come. At this time of the year, every once in a while we get glimpses of our beautiful weather we are …

CC Sunscreens Phoenix Real Estate Update

Phoenix Real Estate Market Update

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While housing markets are “on the up” for many cities in the United States, markets in our very own Valley of the Sun are exceeding national averages in almost every facet of the market. Now is an especially exciting time for first-time and seasoned homebuyers alike. Whether looking to upsize, downsize, purchase a winter home or a rental property for …