Backyard Holiday Party Ideas for Your Patio

Backyard Holiday Party Ideas for Your Patio

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There is just something wonderful about celebrating the holidays far away from the ice and cold. For one thing, for fall and winter gatherings, Southern Arizona is just about the perfect place to host outdoor holiday parties. Most years the temperature won’t drop too drastically, and the chance of rain is usually sparse. Even so, throwing an outdoor holiday party with style and grace does take a lot of work if you aren’t prepared ahead of time. If you have a beautiful patio, you might as well enjoy it! Here are a few tips for hosting a holiday party on your patio, so it can go smoothly and be remembered fondly by all your friends and family for years to come.

The Importance of Fire Features

We don’t live in a land of ice, but the holidays for many of us, still represent warmth. There is no better way to exude this sentiment than to focus on your fire feature. Whether it be an outdoor fireplace, or a fire pit, or even candles and hanging lantern, a flame during your celebration will bring people together. It is not unusual for it to be cold outside this time of year, but even so, there are so many reasons to keep a fire lit. A communal fireplace or fire pit provide a warm and welcoming ambiance for your holiday-themed social gathering. Be sure to set up sitting areas around the fire to encourage guests to get cozy and enjoy the celebration.

String up extra lights

Nothing says the holidays to many of us, more than lights. Electric candles in the windows, multicolored Christmas lights, menorahs, or even just extra lights for ambiance. Whatever your holiday tradition, there can never be too many lights for a holiday celebration! It gets dark much earlier this time of year and the more lights the better. String lights all over the yard – off trees, over canopies and all over your patio. You may not ever want to take them down.

Set up a self-serve patio station

It takes a lot of work being a host, but you can remove a lot of the stress by setting up a table where folks can serve themselves. Don’t spend extra money to hire a server or bother one of your family members or friends to stand dutifully behind the bar! The holidays are a time for everyone to relax. Take the pressure off you by setting up the food and drinks before the party. That way you can just focus on being there, enjoying your company and all your hard work.

Activities for All Ages

If children will be in attendance, then it is a good idea to organize a few activities that they can do to keep them occupied. We all know that children who are engaged will allow parents the luxury and time to relax and celebrate. Set up a holiday craft table, play seasonal movies and you can organize all sorts of holiday games. Who knows – even the adults may want to join.

Consider renting party goods

If you are planning on an extra-large gathering, then it may be in your best interest to rent tents or canopies. There is no accounting for the weather these days, even in Southern Arizona, so extra shelter will come in handy. If you have the luxury, it can make your entire celebration even easier on yourself by renting tables, chairs, tablecloths, napkins, plates, and glasses as well. The less you must put away and wash at the end of your party, the better. Often the social aspect of celebrations can be exertion enough!

 Add Your Own Unique Touch

How can you make this holiday stand out like no other before? Add your flair to your holiday party. This could be as simple as a photo booth with props, personalized mug painting, or a costumed theme. 

Give Yourself the Gift of CC Sunscreens

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