Are Sun Shades Right For You?

Are Sun Shades Right For You?

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Why do people want to live in the “sun belt”? Is it the over 300 days a year of sunshine? Maybe it’s the warmth or they like to be tan. Maybe they have medical reasons. Whatever your reason to live in Arizona may be, we’re happy you’re here.

Protect Your Investment

Buying a house is usually the largest investment an American will make in their lifetime. You’re going to want to protect that and everything you keep in it! We get it. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, solar shades might be right for you. First, are you looking for daytime privacy? Second, would you like to save on the cooling expense on your home? Last, are you looking to preserve energy from an environmental standpoint? Install solar shades on the windows of your home and protect yourself from the hot Arizona sun.

Anti-Golf Ball

The smell of fresh cut grass, the sprawling hills and colorful flags what’s not to love about living on a golf course?! Oh yeah…the golf balls. If the prospect of waking up to the smashing sound of a golf ball coming through your previously intact window doesn’t appeal to you, consider this. You can save money on your energy costs and increase your daytime privacy all while protecting your windows from golf ball damage just by installing anti-golf ball screens to the windows your beautiful Arizona home.

Just What Kind Of Savings Are We Talking About?

According to your local utility company, windows are the number one source of heat gain in your home. By blocking over 90% of harmful sun rays from your windows, you can realize a substantial savings. Sunscreens provide the added benefit of protecting the furniture in your home from sun damage. Who wants one side of the couch faded from sun exposure? Not me. Me? I’d rather save money on energy costs and be able to utilize all living space in my home, even if it’s near a window.

Patio Shades

Your back patio is the perfect place to watch the monsoons roll in and provides a functional outdoor living space, but what about when the thermostat points over 115? Arizona is known for harsh sun exposure and extreme heat. That used to mean that you can’t sit outside and enjoy the day. Now it just means you need a patio sunshade. Using a sunshade, you can block around 90% of the sun’s rays and be able to fully utilize your outdoor living area without the glare. Simply roll the sunscreen up to watch the monsoons and down at the hottest part of the day to reclaim your patio.

Using one inch aluminum frames to give you durability against wind storms and textilene fabric to supply the exact color you need to match your home, we’re sure you’ll love what we can provide. A free estimate can prove the best prices in the valley. You’ve got nothing to lose and an entire home to gain!