Advantages of Sliding Doors

Advantages of Sliding Doors

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This season, are you looking for easy ways to give your home a lift? If so, you may want to think about installing a sliding door for your home. Sliding doors provide functional style and can really breathe new life into a space. Here are just a few of the advantages to installing sliding doors in your home. 

Improve the View

Let’s start with the aesthetics of your home. Whether your home looks out on a sparkling pool, glittering city lights, a desert cactus garden or rugged wilderness, chances are you can improve your view with a sliding door. Glass doors combine the advantages of doors and windows, allowing access without blocking light and air. 

If you’ve got a view from your home that you are missing out on, installing a sliding door may be just the solution. Whether you want to bird watch, keep track of the kids or simply appreciate the outdoors, sliding doors can help create a sweeping viewpoint you get to enjoy from the comfort of indoors.

Air Circulation

Sliding glass doors are also great when it comes to circulating air in your home. Large screen doors mean more room for cooling breezes to freshen the air. Especially if your home has small windows and enclosed spaces, the airflow provided by a sliding door can give the air quality inside your home a big boost. With our Arizona climate, sliding doors have a role to play year-round, letting in fresh air all day long on our temperate days and then when the temperature rises, allowing swaths of cool air at the start and end of a day during our hottest months.

Save Space

If you live in a house with a tight floorplan, you know that every inch can count! Even people in spacious abodes can appreciate the space-saving effect of sliding doors. Sliding doors eliminate the footprint a swinging door has in a room, freeing up space physically and visually. With no swinging door, doorway areas feel more spacious and open. Interior planners often liken sliding doors to mirrors in the effect they can have on a floor plan. The view outside has the distinct advantage of making even a small space seem bigger. If you are looking for ways to make an area of your home feel less cramped, a sliding door can help it become more spacious without the expense of a major renovation.

Let In the Light

Like a gorgeous view, and the flow of fresh air, sliding doors also improve your home’s style by allowing more natural light inside. Use a sliding glass door to brighten up a dark or windowless area of your home. Natural light can “wake up” unused areas of your home, making them more appealing and vibrant.

Big Enough For Everything (And Everyone)

A sliding door may not be able to fit *everything* through it, but many homeowners find that a wide sliding door has considerable advantages for moving things and people into and out of your home. Sliding glass doors make great “party doors” allowing many people to enter and exit a space at once. Many backyard barbecue enthusiasts would struggle without the advantages of a sliding door to manage guest traffic in and out of their home. 

Moving bulky or large items, furniture and even smaller items becomes simpler with a sliding door. Anyone who has had to negotiate a recliner around some stubborn hinges, or disassemble a table just to get it into the door will respect the convenience a wide-open sliding door offers. With efficient access, heavy lifting jobs, welcoming new furniture or even simply rearranging the pieces you have becomes quicker and easier.

Energy Options

Many people worry about the energy efficiency of sliding doors, but today’s selection offers options that have insulation in mind. Like double-pane windows, sliding glass doors use a layer of gas as an insulator to restrict energy losses. While it varies from market to market, many sliding glass doors offer further options for coating and layers to protect the energy efficiency of your home. 

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