7 DIY Hacks to Transform Your Backyard

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It’s finally safe for us Phoenicians to officially say that sweater weather us upon us. It’s time for those breathtakingly beautiful days and cool summer nights. What’s a better time than now to try some inexpensive DIY backyard hacks that are sure to make all your neighbors jealous?

We’ve compiled this list of fun and inexpensive hacks for your backyard, which are sure to transform your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Lighting Hacks

1. Use the sun we’re famous for and replace your outdoor lights with energy efficient solar light bulbs.

It is simple to find solar powered globe bulbs that look identical to the adorably trendy bulbs strung across all the hottest restaurants. A strand of these bulbs will only run you about $12-$30 dollars. Now you can create that enchanted outdoor look (or even decorate for the holidays) while reducing your carbon footprint along with your energy bill. Win, win, win!

2. Create charming nightlights with glow-in-the-dark-paint.

Use your existing pot plants or purchase some inexpensive standing or hanging ones from any local retailers. With a bit of glow-in-the-dark paint, you planters immediately transform into beautiful decorations and nightlights – for as little as about $5.

3. Separate spaces with rope lighting.

Rope lighting is beautiful, waterproof, inexpensive and extremely easy to work with. Rope lights are sold in specific lengths, so make sure to measure your space before ordering. In many cases, a ten-meter stretch of lighting will cost about $30. This easy lighting hack will elegantly separate various outdoor spaces, such as lining your pool or pool deck, or creating a separation from your children’s playground areas to your patio. The possibilities are limitless with this DIY hack!

Hacks for the Kids

4. Turn your backyard into an art studio with chalk paint.

Chalk paint can be purchased anywhere from a fine art store, to craft stores, or even home improvement stores. It’s inexpensive, easy to apply and a huge hit with the kids. Do you have a fence in your back yard? An older or lesser used bench? Maybe your kids’ playhouse paint is looking a little drab. Spruce it up with chalk paint! It goes on just like any other paint and creates an instant chalkboard canvas to be used over and over again by the little ones (or the artists) in your life.

5. Make temporary tree houses from hula hoops.

This is a fun and easy project to do with the kids this winter break. Use string to hang hula hoops from any trees in your backyard (or from your patio overhang if you have a truly desert backyard). Using shower rings that can be found at the dollar store, affix old shower curtains or sheets to the hoops, to create a small bungalow or clubhouse the kids can play in or even embellish further with more decorations.

Backyard Beverage Hacks

6. Create your own outdoor mini-bar.

Following the directions outlined here: turtlesandtails

You can easily create an outdoor mini bar that is sure to please your inner mixologist and will be a nice addition to any backyard bash. You can even decorate the bottom of the bar with your leftover chalk paint to create an adorable “bar sign” when not in use. This fun and easy project can be completed in just a few hours.

7. Turn your outdoor table into a cooler.

While this project takes a little more effort than our other DIY hacks, the functionality and fun of this project make it worthwhile. Starting with a thick wooden table, hallow out the middle with a saw. Then, affix a cooler under the table using a drill and screws. After this, you’re good to fill your “table” with ice and your favorite beverages and invite the neighbors over for a celebration!

While not a DIY project, adding a functional and beautiful outdoor patio screen to your backyard is also sure to impress your neighbors and make your backyard much more enjoyable – all year long. Reach out to us at CC Sunscreens to schedule your free, no obligation in-home quote and consultation.

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Our friendly team is looking forward to helping you update your backyard this winter. Reach out to us today!

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