5 Ways to Cozy Up on a Winter Patio

5 Ways to Cozy Up on a Winter Patio

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For some of us, winter is the best time in Arizona, with temperate weather and sunshine. Even with warmer days, we know that the desert can get a little cold at night – but that’s no reason to leave our patios empty! A few additions to your patio will make it cozy for you and your loved ones to hang out deep into the chilly night.

Pillows, Blankets & Throws

Pillows, blankets, and throws aren’t really useful in the summer time in Arizona, but you’ll want them when night falls in the winter. Bulk up your patio furniture with layers of blankets, throws, and pillows in your favorite colors and patterns. For 2018, consider Pantone’s Color of the Year, a dramatic and thoughtful purple shade: Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet was chosen because it “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” Ultra Violet also complements the hues you’d find in a perfect Arizona sunset!

To compete with the elements, invest in outdoor blankets and throws, which are designed to be hardier. Check out a few options here.

Low Key Lighting & Bluetooth Speakers

What does cozy look and sound like to you? For lighting, consider a collection of well placed string lights, with a lower, warmer light. Candles are great, but they may be hard to keep track of, and you don’t want the risk of fire – especially in the dryness we’re experiencing. Instead, consider using battery-powered “flameless candles,” which uses LED and even replicates the comforting flicker of firelight.

For background music, consider small Bluetooth speakers that are easy to hang with a clip. Other options include wall-mounted Bluetooth speakers, and even speakers that hang like pendants!

Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

It’s no fun to run back inside to make another pot of tea or whip up a snack! You don’t want to miss any of the conversation or have to carry things back and forth. If space permits, consider installing a small patio kitchen and bar. There are cheap and easy ways to do-it-yourself, from the ground up. You can repurpose materials, such as stone, to build up the counter and the bar, and then install the grill and appliances when you’re complete. Find some tips for building your own outdoor kitchen and bar here.

Before your guests come, set up the counter space with snacks and warm drinks. Put on a pot of mulled wine, prepare some hot cocoa, and have a selection of tea ready! To warm up, all you have to do is put the kettle on!

Heaters for the Patio

Space heaters, big or small, will help warm up your patio. Look for outdoor-friendly heaters powered by propane – the tall ones that you’ve seen on restaurant patios, which are quite powerful. You can find a selection of them at Home Depot.

…or, Invest in a Patio Fireplace or Firepit

A longer-term option for warming up your patio is building a patio fireplace or firepit. There are many different styles of fireplaces, depending on the size of your patio. A stone-stacked fireplace may be a time investment, but it will warm up the place. With a stone-stacked fireplace, you’ll probably want it to be to the side of the patio. Select the best location, create a design, and create a concrete foundation if your patio doesn’t already have one. Then, it’s a matter of laying concrete cinder blocks with mortar and leaving space for a chimney for ventilation! You can find more in-depth instructions here at HGTV.

If the stone-stacked fireplace isn’t your thing, you could go for a smaller firepit, perhaps placed at a central location on the patio. A circular design is great for a firepit. Build it up with cinder blocks and cap it with a fire ring and capstones. You can find instructions here at DIY Network.

Patio Screens from CC Sunscreens

Patio screens from CC Sunscreens are great for blocking out a cold chill at night. In the daytime, patio screens protect you and your loved ones from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays that permeate throughout the seasons. With an average of 130 day of sunshine a year, we get our fair share of sun in Phoenix! To learn more about patio screens, contact us at CC Sunscreens today.