5 Great Labor Day Weekend Trips in Arizona

5 Great Labor Day Weekend Trips in Arizona

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It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is just around the corner already! With summer winding down, Labor Day is a great excuse to explore some of the amazing nature and culture that’s just a hop skip and jump outside of Phoenix. From fresh mountain air to desert flora and fauna, there is much to see in Arizona.


To get out of the city grind, a trip to Sedona is a great way to get some rest and relaxation while soaking in some amazing natural wonder. Sedona is known for its astounding geology and ecology, with dramatic red rock formations and beautiful trails and hiking. The town is also a hub for artisanal spas and natural healers and an impressive local arts scene. If you can stay for a long weekend, split your time between soaking in natural beauty and enjoying the spirit of this beautiful town.

Saguaro National Park

If you head out of Phoenix on the 10 East, you’re just a quick trip down to Tucson which is flanked on either side by the Saguaro National Park. While summer’s heat is still a factor to consider if you’re planning a weekend camping trip, Saguaro National Park gives you the option of splitting your time between gorgeous desert hiking and the great dining and culture to be found in Tucson. When we camp, we tend to beat the heat with mid-day excursions into town, or we just stay in the city but take in a morning hike every day.

Parker Dam

Right on the California border, Parker Dam is a great spot for a weekend of outdoors family fun. Lake Havasu, a reservoir lake created by the dam in the Colorado River, is surrounded by spots for boating, fishing, swimming, camping and BBQing. In addition to being a great recreation spot, Parker Dam is the deepest dam in the U.S. and supplies water and power throughout central Arizona.

Tombstone and Bisbee

Tombstone puts its Wild West history front and center. Alongside its dramatic name and colorful history, Tombstone offers great education and entertainment for the family. From gunfight reenactments at the OK Corral, to the historic main street and Boot Hill, Tombstone offers a way to get closer to history.

Just a little farther south of Tombstone is the historic mining town of Bisbee, replete with historic buildings and a bustling arts scene. With loads of small-town charm, Bisbee also boasts a haunted hotel for the paranormal expert in your family to investigate!


Known for its experimental architecture and legendary bell foundry, Arcosanti is a “projected town” just 70 miles outside Phoenix. Touting itself as an “urban laboratory” Arcosanti offers tours and lodging that showcase their alternative approach to city design. Started in 1970, Arcosanti was developed to test new strategies in urban planning and largely supports itself through its production foundry for bronze bells.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is an astonishing natural wonder – and we’re betting you haven’t been up to see it recently. The Grand Canyon area offers plenty of hiking trails and outdoor adventure to keep you occupied all weekend long. With a well-developed tourist industry, the Grand Canyon makes it easy and accessible to plan a weekend in nature without forgoing any amenities. Whether you’re camping, glamping, roving or staying at a luxury resort, the sheer size and drama of the Grand Canyon is an experience worth taking in.


If Grand Canyon tourist crowds aren’t your style, turn off the road a little earlier in Flagstaff. Flagstaff is a great way to escape Phoenix’s late summer heat, with cool mountain air and gorgeous pine forests. Downtown Flagstaff is going through a renaissance for shopping and dining, and the area offers great dark skies for star watching and beautiful trails for outdoor fun.

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