2022 Trends for Interior Design

2022 Trends for Interior Design

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We are well, on our way to discover what 2022 has to offer us. While it’s not always easy to predict what will be popular in the new year, designers find that it often is a reflection on us as a collective society. Entering our third year of a global pandemic, designers predict that interior design trends will reflect our need for safety, structure and comfort as many are spending more and more time working, relaxing at home and doing just about everything at home. If you want to start out this new year with some in vouge innovations here are just a few predictions from some of the biggest designers invested in what is trending in terms of interiors. 

Chic Chocolate Hues

The time of neutrals may finally be fading in favor of deeper warm chocolate hues in furniture, floors, curtains and even walls. For those who spend a lot of time in their interior, warm brown shades can mean a sense of comfort needed greatly after three years of social distancing and working from home. While cool greys may still be the popular choice for nearly all quick build ‘cookie cutter’ new builds, opting for shades of chocolate browns will give your home a unique look which sets it apart from others.

Maximalism Marvel

It seems like minimalism has been the popular trend for so long. We predict that 2022 will see are return of maximalism! More is more! Flower prints! Stripes, patterned wall paper and lots of color! “Trends always come in cycles and usually bounce in opposite directions,” explains Texas-based designer Sarah Stacey. “Minimalism was so popular (and still is) for so long that maximalism is bound to continue to make a comeback. Maximalism is all about embracing ‘extra’—be it a floral velvet, bullion fringe, or a 19th century French Commode. Or all three at once! I think richly hued palettes with layers of color and texture will take over in the new year. Texture like mohair, it is a luxurious fabric with a soft hand and makes for a gorgeous texture.”

Dark Kitchens

While the classic kitchen colors of the past have been light and white a trend towards darker kitchens is predicted in the next year. Stacey explains “You can really play around these shades in paint throughout the kitchen. I love leathered stones … granites, marbles, and quartzites! These materials are going to be increasingly popular in 2022.” Get ready for more texture and color while you cook.

A Quiet Place

For many people their home is their sanctuary. It is a place where you relax, recharge, and create. For this reason, a trend in 2022 may focus on creating spaces for privacy and a feeling of safety. “I believe every home should have a Quiet Room, where introverts—and perhaps some extroverts—can retreat to process our day and recharge our internal batteries, “explains Baton Rouge based Rachel Cannon. “Every day involves some level of recovery. While I’ve been preaching the need for a designated quiet room for a while, in 2022 we’ll see this hybrid work scenario where people are split between working from home and going to an office.” With people spending as much time at home as they do, it needs to be a place with many different abilities to support our mental health. This includes a quiet place, just as much as a place to entertain and celebrate.

Everyday Spaces

While we spend more and more time at home we see the need for our homes to be functional and restfull. This may illuminate more focus on the utilitarian spaces in 2022. Designer Kristin Kong predicts “Even though they will still have durable finishes and functional elements, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and sculleries are going to be places where beloved collections are displayed and enjoyed throughout the day.” This will allow a sense of whimsy into the most functional places where life happens.

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