2021 Home Improvement Ideas

2021 Home Improvement Ideas

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In this new year, as we continue to spend more time in our homes, do you have ideas for home improvement? From deep cleaning to upgrades you’ve always wanted to make, home resolutions can kick off a year of improvements you’ll get to live with every day. Looking for ideas? We’ve got some right here to get you started: 


When it comes to keeping your home feeling good, clutter can really get in the way. Even though managing your clutter can seem overwhelming at first, taking the organizational plunge into decluttering is well worth the hard work. 

If dealing with clutter feels overwhelming to you, you’ll want to make a simple and systematic plan for dealing with it. Organizational methods like Marie Kondo’s famous KonMari tidying technique give you a framework for dealing with your possessions. Decluttering takes time, but making the effort and not cutting corners can establish lasting organizational systems and breathe new life into your living space.

Make Your Home Safer

When you are thinking about ways to improve your home, don’t forget the very basics. Do a review of your space to make sure it has the proper safety systems in place and in working order. You’ll want to have both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. Also, it is important to have the ability to put out a small fire – make sure your home either has a built in sprinkler system or readily available fire extinguishers. 

This year you may also want to do some important testing to assess the safety of your home. An affordable home radon test can alert you to the presence of elevated levels of radon in your home which has been linked to some form of cancer. Home water testing can also tell you about the state of the water coming out of your pipes and alert you to harmful elements that may require filtration to remove.

Start Composting

Make 2021 the year you commit to a greener home. One easy way to cut down on your home’s waste and improve the quality of your land is to set up a simple compost system. Composting can break down most of the organic waste and paper your household generates, gradually transforming it into high quality soil. There are many different types of composting, including worm-based vermiculture and bacteria dependent kobayashi compost. Perhaps the easiest method is an enclosed outdoor bin, drum or tumbler where food scraps break down with dried yard waste. 

In the hot and dry climate of Arizona, compost usually needs a few adjustments to truly work. If you opt for vermicompost, your worms will need to be set up in a location with a relatively stable temperature. Compost worms cannot survive in a bin directly in Arizona’s summer heat. Outdoor compost bins may require added moisture to keep the breakdown of organic matter in motion. Directing grey water to compost is a great way to reuse water that keeps the decomposition active.

Compost can even benefit from some materials you were directing towards your waste basket. Paper and cardboard without shiny coating can be broken down into compost. Shiny cardboard and paper should stay in your recycling. Shredding or tearing up paper products before composting them will help them break down quickly.

CC Sunscreens

Arizona homes come with special concerns, and a huge one is how well they deal with the extreme heat our climate can deliver. The way your home takes in heat can make it drastically uncomfortable and drive up your energy bills. Fortunately, you can resolve to help make your house a more comfortable, energy-efficient home with a little help from CC Sunscreens.

We offer stylish custom sunscreens built to block heat, UV radiation and glare from entering your home. As a bonus, installing sunscreens increases your privacy without blocking your view out your windows. Durable sunscreens are easy to clean and maintain, affordable and come in a variety of color options to suit the style of any structure. 

Ready to get started on those resolutions? Contact us today!